Eligibility and Referrals

Deafblindness - A Definition

A student with deafblindness is one who has a combined loss of vision and hearing, such that neither sense can be used as a primary source for accessing information. Therefore, deafblindness is considered an information-gathering disability.

POPDB Mandate

The mandate for the Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness is to provide support to BC teams working with K-12 students with deafblindness.

Students must be registered with a BC School District or Independent School and education personnel fill out a referral for service.


Step 1: If you suspect a student in your school district or independent school may meet the criteria for deafblindness, gather the medical documentation regarding vision and hearing.

Step 2: Contact the Coordinator of POPDB. The Coordinator will be able to answer any questions about the Outreach Program and get you started on filling out the referral form, which is only available by request. The Coordinator may arrange for a pre-visit to meet the student and the school team.

Step 3: The Coordinator will provide you with a referral form to be completed by your school district or independent school.

Step 4: Please ensure that signatures from the parents/guardians, principal, key contact, and district administrator are on the form.

Step 5: Scan and email the entire package to POPDB.

Contact POPDB

District Partners

When POPDB partners with a BC school district or independent school, we request that the educational authority designate a District Partner. This person acts as the link between POPDB and the educational authority. The District Partner is familiar with their educational authority and understands the mandate and services that POPDB provides. POPDB Teacher-Consultants work closely with the District Partner - they are an essential part of the team. Click on the link below for more information about POPDB District Partners. 

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