A student laughs while sitting in front of a light box. The student has a translucent blue block in his hand. His Intervenor has a matching block.
Student sitting on the floor looking multi coloured circles and black background. She is independently touching the light box with her right hand. Expand Image
Student using a light box with multi coloured circles and black background.

Some students with deafblindness have a cortical visual impairment (CVI) and would benefit greatly from the use of a light box. The light box helps to stimulate the visual pathway and can be used in a variety of ways with students who have varying levels of visual development. Talk with your qualified Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments to see if using a light box would be beneficial for the student you support.

The following resources may be helpful in starting your light box program.

Light Box Storytime with Dr. Adam Wilton from PRCVI

50 Ways to Use a Light Box

Using the APH Light Box

Carmen Willings (June 6, 2019) takes the reader through the APH Light Box with procedures and ideas for developing eye-hand coordination and drawing attention for learning. Willings also gives practical suggestions for using homemade materials to encourage learning.

Next Generation 3D Cube Lightbox

PRCVI turned a garden decoration/accessory into a light box with a few ideas for motivating students! This non-traditional light box might be a fun and educational tool for learning with your student! Be sure to check it out.