A student with deafblindness experiences a degree of hearing and vision loss, the combination of which affects communication, learning, social interactions, mobility, and access to information. Deafblindness is an information-gathering disability.

A student with deafblindness requires specialized support to meet their educational needs beyond those that would be provided for students with solely vision loss or hearing loss or severe disabilities. With this support in place, a student with deafblindness is able to benefit from integrated school and community programs.

The following sections on Intervention, Communication, and the Senses are written and compiled to provide educational strategies and ideas from best practices in deafblindness from around the world to support school teams who work with students with deafblindness. 

Thank you

Thank you to our past colleagues, past and present students, and all the educational researchers who have influenced and motivated our teaching practices over the years. We hope that your leadership and passion for ensuring students with deafblindness have access to meaningful educational programming and equal access to the curriculum is reflected within the information on this website.